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Direct mail is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make contact with the very people who need your services right now. CourtMail compiles a list of every new case filed within all courthouses in North Carolina each day—in a convenient, ready-to-mail database. You choose which violations you want and each weekday you are emailed a list of names and contact information. You may filter the violations—choosing traffic, DUI and hundreds of other options—and the counties or zip codes you'd like to target.

* How does CourtMail Work?
You begin by identifying which offenses fit your practice and which North Carolina counties you would like to target. We compile a daily list of all violations entered into the court system, which meet your criteria, and the next business morning, we email you a list of those names and addresses. Merge this file with your word processor program to create personalized letters to send to the individuals who need your services now.
* What offenses may I choose?
The state of North Carolina lists over 1200 offense codes. You may choose as many or as few as you wish in any of the 100 North Carolina counties. For example, some firms send alternate letters to certain groups—such as one letter designated for speeding offenses, another letter for drug offenses, etc.

Our professional staff will gladly assist you in choosing offense codes.
* Is CourtMail available 7 days a week?
CourtMail is available every business morning Monday through Friday. Cases entered over the weekend will be sent to you Monday morning. No CourtMail files will be sent on business days following published AOC holidays. For example, if AOC is closed for Memorial Day on Monday, there will be no data entered by clerks that day, so there will be no CourtMail on Tuesday even though businesses are open.
* Are there rules governing these types of mailings?
There are guidelines listed at that you should be familiar with. The section in "Rules of Professional Conduct" has areas concerning advertising and communication of services.
* What is Address Verification?
Data supplied by AOC is subject to human error when entered, resulting in a certain amount of undeliverable addresses. CourtMail uses USPS Certified Address Verification software to verify that all addresses are deliverable before they are sent to you. If the address is not deliverable, you won't receive it. Saving you time, postage, materials and money.
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