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* How do North Carolina court records get into the system?
North Carolina court records begin when information is entered by a court clerk on terminals at each individual court house throughout the state. The records are entered in standard form by the clerks and each case receives a unique case number. These records are maintained in a state database by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). provides you a direct link to this database.

* Do you have search tips that can make my search more effective?
1. If you need to find a subject's social security number and have their drivers license number, use the Check Name First feature in the NC Driving Records section. Simply enter the North Carolina drivers license number and click on "check name first."

2. If you need a driving record but do not have the drivers license number you have another option. If the individual has been charged with a traffic offense, their drivers license number will most likely be listed on their criminal case detail. Simply click on the highlighted drivers license number and you will be automatically taken to the DMV online page.

* Are the records live or is the data old?
The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) allows the system to interact directly with their state-maintained database. By using, you are able to search the AOC database and retrieve records in real time. Your results are as current as AOC's data - not days or even weeks old.

* How do I read a criminal record?
There are numerous standard abbreviations used by clerks to denote pleas, case status and other information. There are also fields or areas on the standard form where clerks make notes in a narrative style to record specific orders by a judge. Criminal records retrieved through come to you exactly as they would appear at the courthouse. Click here for general assistance in reading criminal records and to view some standard abbreviations used.

* How much does this cost?
The cost for each type of search is displayed on the pricing page. Your searches will be compiled and summarized for you in a monthly invoice.

* When can I search?
The website operates 24-hours a day.