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General Pricing Information


All of the following services are intended for instant access within the State of North Carolina only.

Criminal Name Search$5.00
Criminal/Infraction Case Search$3.00
Criminal Case Details$3.00
'Buy Later' Criminal Case Details$2.25
Infraction Name Search$5.00
Infraction Case Details$3.00
'Buy Later' Infraction Case Details$2.25
Civil Name Search$6.50
Civil Judgement Search$5.50
Civil Case Search$5.00
Civil Case Details$5.00
NC Driving Record Online*$18.85
NC Driving Record Name Lookup*$3.00
Nationwide Skip Trace*$10.00

Out of State

Average turn-around-time for Out of State Services: 24-72 business hours.

Out of State County Criminal*$26.00
Out of State Statewide Criminal (where available)*$65.00
Out of State County Civil*$28.00
US Federal Civil*$32.00
US Federal Criminal*$32.00
US Federal Bankruptcy*$32.00
NY County Criminal*$39.00
NY County Civil*$39.00
Canadian Province Civil*$65.00
Canadian Province Criminal*$65.00
Wants and Warrants*$18.00
Parole and Probation*$36.00
US Driving Records (available to attorneys only)*varies
Business Profile Report*$50.00
Monthly Service Fee$9.95

*Available with service agreement only.